About SCH Fuck Pants Fri A

About SCH Fuck Pants Fri A

We are Hazzardous Material. We are bands babes and art! Let us take your hand as we walk through the underworld of dark art, cosplay and music.

We warn you to be careful though because we are Hazzardous to your health!

Hazzardous Material is a group of alternative models who hail from all over Alberta. We are your girl next doors, the fun outgoing friend who loves to chat and downright freaks!

We are unique individuals full of personality who entice you with our full model sets that tell you a story.... we call these Hazzardous Tales.

Models share things about their personal lives, treasures and pay homage to what they love.

Enjoy your stay at Hazzardous Material but we warn you... you might not want to leave!

Enjoy our GTFORadio Audio Player (No Charge)

Schedule: (GMT +8)
Friday, November 23rd: 08 PM To 10 PM
Saturday, November 24th: 12 AM To 02 AM
Saturday, November 24th: 04 AM To 06 AM