About SCH Sex Dojo A

About SCH Sex Dojo A

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What happens when you get two sexual health educators in one room? A lot of information and advice about sex, dating and relationships!

Tune into the Calgary based Sex Dojo show with Jenna and Kiki to explore the naughty side of life. Each episode the women discuss the latest sex in the news and how this can help your sex life with the newest research, tips and advice for better sex and orgasms.

The women will also be answering your listener questions by taking live calls, connecting in the chat room or with emails sent in. Everything from how to masturbate, getting your partner to go down on you, asking for what you want in the bedroom, how to have a successful threesome, to adding BDSM to your sex play.

They share their real life experience to help you learn from their mistakes, what worked and what didn’t. Who doesn't want more satisfying sex?

Whether you are solo, in a monogamous or polyamorous relationship, this show has something for everyone. Listen, laugh and learn with Jenna and Kiki on the Sex Dojo Show.

“” Call us when we are LIVE ON THE AIR 1 844 855 7399""

LIVE = Live Broadcast Interact with Host;
SCH = Scheduled Show Go to Show profile to search day & time;
BFP = Blast From The Past Popular shows from the PAST;
VPR = On Demand Audio Podcast;
ARC = ARCHIVED Audio Podcast.

VPR = On Demand Video Cast;
ARC = ARCHIVED Video Cast.


[Adult:] Life/Play Subjects:
Channel 1; Audio, 24/7/365.

[Adult X:] Nudity/RolePlay:
Channel 1; Audio,
Channel 2; Video/Audio/Chat,
Channel 3; Video/Audio/Chat,
Channel 4; Video/Audio/Chat.

[Adult XX:] Genetalia/Toys:
  Channel 1; Audio,
Channel 3; Video/Audio/Chat,
Channel 4; Video/Audio/Chat.

[Adult XXX:] Penetration/Impact:
Channel 1; Audio,
Channel 4; Video/Audio/Chat.

This is a Production of the ""Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency"" www.BMPA.ca

Schedule: (GMT +3)
Tuesday, September 25th: 05 PM To 07 PM
Tuesday, September 25th: 09 PM To 11 PM
Wednesday, September 26th: 01 AM To 03 AM
Wednesday, September 26th: 05 AM To 07 AM